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How Patagonia became an Example of Corporate Responsibility

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Awareness of responsible consumption has become a fundamental value in our society and many companies, as entities with the capacity to significantly influence the environment, have decided to take action and take charge of their corporate responsibility.

Patagonia is the perfect example of a brand that demonstrates an active commitment to the environment and social justice and has become a role model. Read on to discover how Patagonia has achieved this status.

La responsabilidad empresarial es uno de los pilares de Patagonia.

When you are clear about your principles, it is easier to demonstrate them. Yvon Chouinard, as a climber and nature lover, already knew what the fundamental pillars of his company would be: to offer the highest quality products while trying to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible.

These principles have guided the company’s activity since its founding in 1973 and today, Patagonia has become a benchmark for environmental responsibility and corporate philanthropy. Let’s take a closer look at these pillars.

Radical Transparency

One of Patagonia’s highlights is its transparent disclosure of its manufacturing and production activities. How many companies do you know that are this transparent? I bet not many. This practice has helped the company earn the trust of its customers. Because if in addition to offering products of the highest quality, you are open, honest and show concern for the environment and people, how can your customers not love you?

Sustainable Innovation

Going off the beaten path is essential to find sustainable alternatives in the production process and in the materials used to manufacture the products. In this regard, Patagonia is constantly striving to find new ways to reduce its environmental impact or footprint. We can see this commitment in the constant investment the company makes to develop more sustainable processes and materials, one example being the use of recycled materials and natural dyes.

Corporate activism

Talking about helping is one thing and doing it is another. Patagonia, in addition to promoting the importance of taking care of ourselves and the planet, also collaborates by financially supporting non-profit organizations that carry out different types of activities aimed at protecting the environment. Because Patagonia knows that on the road to a more conscious and sustainable planet, it is necessary to collaborate and help others, it is something that concerns us all and therefore, it cannot be an individual struggle.

Corporate Culture

A company that aspires to grow and stay alive in the long term knows that one of the fundamental pillars is the people behind it. Patagonia is fully aware of this and demonstrates it in the way it treats its employees. Beyond the conventional benefits that many companies provide, such as performance rewards, Patagonia offers its employees paid days off to volunteer or participate in personal wellness programs.

Impactful and Conscious Marketing

why use marketing and advertising to simply advertise your products when you can use them to transform people? Patagonia’s ads are an example of how a brand is consistent with its identity even in the way it promotes its products. With direct and clear messages, Patagonia uses marketing as a tool to make visible not only the passion for nature, but also the need to put the necessary means to protect the environment and for each person to take responsibility for their part in this cause.

Commitment to the Community

Making a better world is in the hands of the people and therefore, if we want to help the planet, the first thing is to help the people who live in it, it seems logical, right? And that’s precisely what Patagonia does, actively supporting the local communities in which it operates with resources of all kinds, from economic funding, awareness programs and conservation and protection projects, among others.

As you can see, Patagonia is a brand that is out of the conventional, a peaceful rebel that from its birth was clear about its cause and has been congruent with it, which has led it not only to business success, but also to become an example of how it is possible to unite two things that for many people seem incompatible, such as business and social commitment.

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